Exploring the Berman

1untitled.png           A Dream is a Place by Natessa Amin. Picture taken of piece on January 20th, 2017.


When exploring the upstairs exhibit in the Berman museum, titled “Dancing on the Water Tank”, the different works of art I saw were impressive and thought-provoking. They were different from most paintings I have seen before in that they were very abstract. I could not look at one of them and immediately know what I was looking at. The title of the piece helped a bit, but it was still hard to get a feel for what was going on. However, I feel like that is one of the strengths of abstract art. The vagueness allows every viewer to have a completely unique experience with the piece and develop their own feelings and opinions about it. The work of art from this exhibit I feel exemplifies that the best would be A Dream is a Place by Natessa Amin.

When I first saw this piece in the Berman, the thing that immediately caught my attention was the color scheme. The yellows, purples, and greens all work well together on this piece and the white background really helps them pop. When I got up close to the piece, another thing that I noticed was how the green lines break up the picture into sections and also lead the viewer’s eye to the different parts of the painting. If you follow those lines with your eye, you are able to see each part of the painting.

While I looked at this piece, I was reminded of a jungle due to the purple shapes that look like leaves, the green lines that looked line vines, and the smaller multicolored shapes that looked like plants. I then interpreted the two eyeballs as some sort of predator watching its prey from a distance. When I looked at the title, I immediately thought of the song “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from the Disney movie Cinderella. While this thought I had was unrelated to my previous ideas about the painting, it created a connection in my head to something I was familiar with. After that, I theorized that the jungle was a place somebody was dreaming about, and the painting was the stuff that they could remember the next day. That would explain why the image is not just a regular picture of a jungle, due to the fact that most people only remember certain aspects of their dreams.

My interpretation of this work of art is probably completely different from anybody else’s. Only the artist knows what they were going for, and everybody else is left wondering about it. That is what is so nice about abstract art though. An abstract piece of art can make people think hard about what it means to them and can also allow them to see the world from a different point of view.


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