Illusions and Trickery


Cups by Thomas Jackson. Picture taken on unknown date.


While looking at photographs online, Cups by Thomas Jackson immediately caught my attention. The bright and colorful cups against the forest background really stand out and made my eyes go right to the middle of the photograph. One of the first questions I asked myself was “How are the cups floating like that?”. One nice thing about photography is that it is more real looking than other art forms, which means when somebody photographs an image like this it really blows people away. A painting of the image would not have the same effect because anything can be painted onto a canvas, no matter how unrealistic. With photography, since the photographer is basically capturing a snapshot of real life at a specific moment in time, it makes the viewers wonder how the photographer was able to capture that moment.


However, that does not mean that everything in a photograph is actually happening. There are ways to make the impossible seemingly happen. Cups, for example, uses steel wire to make the cups float in the air like they do. The camera is unable to capture the wire though, which creates the illusion of floating. Also, programs like Photoshop allow people to edit photographs however they want. They can add filters, change the sizes of different things, and even add and remove objects. So be careful when looking at photographs in the future. They might not be as realistic as they seem.






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