How Photography can Influence People’s Lives


The Roadside by Mustafah Abdulaziz. Taken in 2012.

One thing that is universal across all forms of media is the ability to convey messages through the chosen medium. From books to paintings and even movies, people have been using these mediums to teach morals or convey certain ideas to its viewers. This is even true for photography, and The Roadside by Mustafah Abdulaziz showcases this perfectly.

The main subject of this photo is the deer, who stands near the center of the frame. Around this deer, the viewer can see dead and cut down trees along a paved road. The surroundings, along with the choice of dull, lifeless colors show the viewer that nature is dying. The cut down trees and the road show that humans are the cause of this destruction, and the deer being the only animal in the picture shows that the lack of nature means that there are less animals as well. The goal of this picture is to make people want to help protect nature so the world does not end up like the one in the photograph.

One advantage that photography has compared to other mediums like books is that it does not have to use words to convey its message. It can just simply show the viewer what the photographer wants to get across. Other visual mediums can do that as well, but photography has the advantage of seeming more real to the viewers. When somebody looks at a photograph, they are more likely to associate what they see to real life due to the fact that photographs are snapshots of the world around them. Another medium like painting for example is less likely to be associated with reality because it is the artist’s interpretation of the world around them recreated with paint and other tools, so viewers will be less likely to associate a painting with real life. That is not to say photographs are 100% realistic and other visual mediums are completely imaginary. Photographs can be manipulated before, during, and after they are taken, so what the viewers will see is not all true. On the other hand, visual mediums like paintings can be very realistic and close to real life.

So in conclusion, messages can be conveyed through media to influence their audiences. Photographs are able to do this through visuals in the picture and the choices made by the photographer on what to show and how to make the picture look. When compared to other mediums, photography has the advantage of showing viewers its message instead of using words as well as seeming realistic to its audience. These aspects allow photography to influence its viewers and change their lives forever.


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