Animals and Photography

flamingoeye             Flamingo Eye by M. Cormican. Taken in 2017.

It can be hard to photograph a living subject. It is not easy to get them to pose how you want while making the picture look natural. This is especially true of animals, who do not always understand what is going on. That is why a lot of animal pictures are taken on the spot and not planned out before hand. Flamingo Eye by M. Cormican is an example of this that showcases why animals are great subjects for photos.

Flamingo Eye features a flamingo staring at the viewer with most of its face covered by its wing. The flamingo’s pose and expression bring a lot of different words to mind, like mischievous, watchful, careful, and even cunning. It can be interpreted in a bunch of different ways. This picture was not posed, as the flamingo just happened to take up this pose while M. Cormican was photographing it. These spontaneous actions create unique and unexpected photographs that express a lot of personality and character. A photographer never knows what to expect when they decide to take a picture of an animal.


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