Repetition in Photography

hongkongHong Kong High Rise by Matt Adams. Taken in 2017.

One aspect of art that always seems to catch people’s attention is the use of patterns and repetition in artistic works. Something about the repeating images is just captivating to the human eye. One trick artists use to make these images more interesting is to have one part of the pattern look slightly different from everything else in the image. This draws the viewer’s attention to a specific part of the image and adds meaning to the picture. This can be seen in the photo Hong Kong High Rise by Matt Adams.

Hong Kong High Rise shows one side of an apartment complex with most of the lights out in the windows, except for one. The rows of windows divide the picture up into sections, and help move the eye around the whole image. The one lit-up window specifically brings attention to that one area of the picture, which falls right on an intersection point in the rule of thirds. Having the one window differ from all the others can convey going against the status quo and standing out from the crowd. Overall, this picture represents individuality through the use of patterns and the breaking of those patterns.




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