Split Second Shots

You can run You Can Run by Giuseppe D’Amico. Taken in 2017. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/proof/2017/02/photo-of-the-day-best-of-january/

Sometimes a photograph can be planned out before the photographer even picks up their camera. Other times, photos are suddenly taken on a whim without second thought. The picture above is an example of the latter. A photograph like You Can Run by Giuseppe D’Amico cannot be posed due to the many factors involved with it, like the fact that he is photographing animals, which are unpredictable. Also, the picture features high-speed movement, which goes by so quickly that the is no time to think before using the camera.

These fast-paced pictures taken on a whim help people see what cannot usually be seen with the naked eye. They slow down the motion and allow viewers to take in all the details, like the bear’s wet fur and the little droplets of water flying around. Split-second photos do not always turn out as nice as this due to the fact that they are taken so quickly. The camera might not be set to the settings needed to take the picture. You Can Run required a fast shutter speed to make the bears not look like giant blurs for example.



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