Up Close and Personal

christian-ziegler-orchids-12.adapt.1900.1  Spider Orchid by Christian Ziegler. Taken in 2017. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-tips/2017/photographing-orchid-flowers/

When taking a picture, it is sometimes a good idea to zoom in and get close to the subject matter. This allows the camera to pick up on small details that add depth to the picture and make the subject more interesting. This can be seen in Spider Orchid by Christian Ziegler.

This picture is a close up image of a spider orchid along with some other flowers as well. The zoomed in nature of this photograph allows viewers to see this plant up close and really see all it has to offer. The camera picked up little hair-like parts on the stem of the spider orchid as well as variety of colors and lines on the petals. If this picture was zoomed out, it would not be nearly as interesting, due to the fact that there would be less detail. There would be almost nothing of interest to catch the viewer’s attention. Since flowers are so small, they usually need to be photographed up close.


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