Vantage Point

nicklen-earth-day-narwhals.ngsversion.1492705806623.adapt.676.1  Narwhals by Paul Nicklen. Taken in 2017.

A photograph does not need to be taken at eye level. It can be taken from a wide variety of different view points, like a worm’s eye view or a bird’s eye view. These different perspectives can add a lot of depth to a photograph and can make it have a different feel from a picture taken at eye level. Narwhals by Paul Nicklen is an example of how perspective can impact a photograph.

Narwhals is taken from a bird’s eye view, and shows a group of narwhals in icy water. The top down view of the scene draws attention to the shape of the pool of water and the chunks of ice, as well as allows the viewer to see all of the narwhals. If this picture was taken at eye level, then it would be harder to see all of them. The bird’s eye view also shows that the narwhals are all looking in the same direction, which brings up the question of “What are they looking at?”. That detail would be easier to miss at eye level due to fact that the viewer would be closer to the narwhals. A different perspective can draw attention to certain aspects in a photograph.


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